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MENA Security

creating better outcomes

i-Strategic is a political consulting firm providing specialized guidance on Middle East and North Africa (MENA) affairs to the U.S. government and the private sector. With first hand native knowledge of the MENA region, i-Strategic is uniquely positioned to provide intelligent and sound analysis our clients need to skillfully navigate a shifting political, security and economic landscape, optimizing decision outcomes when it matters most.

i-Strategic is committed to delivering actionable insights based on facts and sound interpretation of intelligence, we understand the dynamics that shape political, economic and security environments in MENA. We give our clients the strategic advantage of understanding the mindset and motivations shaping the target state/sector in MENA.

MENA Security is a vital component of understanding, positioning, planning, executing, and evaluating pronounced objectives. MENA Intelligence, counter-terrorism, CVE, countering Islamic extremist ideology, economic development, stabilization and humanitarian missions are all influenced by the security situation, disruptive trends, political volatility, and destabilizing factors. At i-Strategic we join the conversation as a red-team evaluating, exposing weak links, evaluating set goals, and brainstorming strategic approaches that optimize the desired outcome.