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  • Political Risk Assessment
  • Country Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cultural Training
  • Strategic Monitoring
  • Sector Specific Analysis and Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Due Diligence


Our Middle East and North Africa (MENA) consultants provide expert advice on the emerging political, investment and security dynamics in the MENA region, to international business corporations, international investment firms, government agencies and NGOs. i-Strategic is intently and purposefully committed to facts and realistic evaluations to optimize our clients’ decision outcome. Our precision in analysis is a product of in-depth regional, political and cultural knowledge, bolstered by a relentless quest to add value and help our clients not only achieve their objective, but stand out as leaders in their respective fields.


We provide in-depth reports and analysis for our clients, on Middle East and North Africa politics, security business and investment environment and opportunities. The main objective of our clients is our compass. All resources, information, analysis and data is recruited to illuminate the most favorable path to achieving our clients’ objective. Our clear-eyed analysis and actionable insights are utilized by our clients for optimum decision-making.


Our Middle East experts are ready to engage and inform your team and illuminate the latest political, security and business developments in the region. Our keynote speakers can delve into specific Middle East country profiles in a seminar, followed by Q & A, or in a casual interactive format.

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