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Cultural Training

Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) political and security landscape is shifting, hence collecting intelligence, information and data is not enough. Relying on outdated ways of understanding the region can result in less than optimum outcomes. At i-Strategic we understand that social, political and security signs have preceded all political, security events and crisis that transpired in MENA since 2011, and more acutely in 2014 onward. Capturing and pinpointing crucial political, security and socio-economic signs require culturally sensitive eyes, and regional intelligence trained to translate signs into actionable insight, and insight to opportunity. Our focus is primarily on political risk assessment, foreign policy, security, counter-terrorism, investment policies and business intelligence. We contend that having a proactive strategy is indispensable for today’s international corporations, business ventures, government and investment missions in the MENA region.

Through cultural training i-Strategic aims to provide clients with:

  • A successful market entry strategy
  • Establishing good-will with local regulatory institutions and local authority
  • Effective interaction and achieving the desired cooperation level
  • Staff integration
  • Trust building
  • Cost-effective time and money investment

If you are willing to expand your business venture, and invest in foreign markets, especially in MENA region, you need to take a serious approach towards intercultural competence. Expectations, norms and values of your local partner in a MENA country are crucial to comprehend and to strategically integrate in the business model. The stark diversity between MENA states’ cultures, norms and expectations might be a market barrier for less-prepared business corporations. At i-Strategic we know first hand how much gaining trust and respect counts towards a rewarding and successful business venture.

Cultural Training is a vital component to enhance the yield of efforts made by business and project launchers in MENA.

The cultural training we provide functions with the objective of:

  • Creating awareness of the historical, ethnic, religious and cultural background of population in the particular MENA state.
  • Highlighting specific characteristics  which will effect and influence the business venture.
  • Utilizing norms and expectations as a business and investment enhancer rather than an obstacle.
  • Devising strategies which will minimize cultural barriers.
  • Regional comparative analysis.
  • Building crucial communication skills and training in unspoken cultural sensitivities.

i-Strategic provides specialized guidance on Middle East and North Africa affairs to the private sector and U.S. government. We take pride in providing fact based, actionable insights and analysis our clients need to skillfully navigate political, security and economic climates. Proficient in MENA languages, business environment and cultures, i-Strategic is your ally in creating better outcomes, and optimizing business and investment decisions when it matters most.

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